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Loch Rannoch

The pictures

These photos were taken by me and and I own and retain copyright on all of them. They are posted here for your enjoyment, information or inspiration! You can email links to them or you can order prints or other products through the Smugmug shopping cart. Alternatively, you can contact me through the 'comments' facility on this site or via Twitter or Facebook using the links below the banner photo at the top of this page. High-resolution digital images can then be made available subject to a modest fee and the usual restrictions on commercial exploitation. Any unauthorised use of these images, whether on-line or in print, will be invoiced at a price of £100.00 per image, per use.


The photographs displayed here were taken from public areas, public rights of way, or from private property with permission from the owners, including track-side passes as appropriate. One should not assume that such access remains available, or that similar photographs could be obtained today. Indeed, many of the locations featured here have changed significantly since the photographs were taken. Trees and bushes grow unchecked in many locations while communications masts and other structures obscure others. Some bridges used as vantage points have had wire 'caging' or higher parapets fitted, and some have been removed altogether. Public rights of way are also subject to change, and one should not assume that access is available or that permission to take photographs will be granted. I can therefore accept no responsibility for time or money wasted reaching these locations or for any loss or damage caused. Finally, please bear in mind that trespass on railway property is a serious offence which can be highly dangerous and lead to a criminal record. Instances of trespass are also likely to result in trains being delayed and, eventually, to the erection of more unsightly security fencing which will ruin 'legal' views of the line from public areas.

Other sites to visit

There are some stunning websites displaying the very best in railway photography, many of which are updated frequently with new material. Here is a small selection for you to browse; just click on the title below and the site will open in a new tab. If you would like your site linked here, drop me a message via this site or Twitter.

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