What's New? Latest photos, uploads & scans. - glenbatten

These galleries contain newly-uploaded images, either recently-taken digital photos or scans of earlier, film-based material.  


12 December Just a scanned transparency to add at this point - recalling the days of 'peaks' on cross country services to the west!

30 November  A couple of additions to Latest Photographs: 70817 crossing at Bradford-on-Avon with cement empties, and 66413 (new livery) at Lower Stoke.

22 November  Some photos from Bristol, including the Moorswater cement empties, added to Latest Photographs.

21 November  Plenty of new additions to Latest Photographs including 57305 with the TPE Mk 5 ROG move and a pair of retro-liveried '47s  heading Statesman ECS to Eastleigh.

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